marketing solutions
TAILORED marketing strategy

Outsource Marketing Department

A thorough review of the external and internal marketing environment of your company and evaluation of the effectiveness of your marketing strategy and internal organization.

Marketing Consulting Services

Project base or ongoing consultancy to all the aspects of your marketing activity and brand management. Usually very helpful for companies who need extra know how and marketing capacity.

Outsource Marketing Department

When your company does not have a fully operational and qualified marketing team you can rely on us to plan and run your marketing activities on daily basis.


When a key member of the company leaves for a maternity you will need a replacement. But finding and appropriate and qualified marketing specialist who is keen to accept a temporary job is not an easy task. Then, we can help.

Practical Trainings for Brand managers

A set of highly practical trainings in how to work successfully with the different types of contragents and agencies that every Brand manager deals with

Pitch Consulting

You are in a search for fresh advertising campaign or a new reliable creative partner, we can organize the path for finding it